How to Make Potting Mix for Your Indoor Plants

It is healthy to have indoor plants around your place. Doing some research on indoor plants is very important if you have hope of planting some around your compound. There are some plants that you should not have in your home. If you need indoor plants, it is good to know how to make a potting mix. It is good to find peat moss, vermiculite and perlite when it comes to making a potting mix. If you want to make a potting mix for your indoor plants, consider this article to be of importance.

Outlined are the ways to coming up with the best potting mix. The first thing, is to find ways on how you can gather loose soil. You can get loose spoil around your neighborhood or find a garden to find you a bunch of some. A big container or a bag is what you need to put your collected loose soil for potting mix. Now, it is high time you will your soil with your potting mix. An organic fertilizer is what you need to mix with your mixture of potting mix and loose soil.

It is good to consider manure from the lawn when it comes to adding fertilizer to your potting mix. It is good to consider manure as it doesn’t contain harmful toxins. Some other things that you need to add to your potting mix are; peat moss, perlite and sand. Perlite absorbs water and that is why you are sure that your mix will not compact. It is good to be aware of the water-resistant plants like succulents which forces one to add perlite to the mix. When making a potting mix, it is good to add coconut milk at the last stages. This is because coconut coir got high volumes of nutrients which can keep the roots moist all strong as the plant remains strong.

After mixing all your ingredients, it is high time to plant your houseplants as you enjoy your potting mix. It is good to use a garden hose when making your potting mix as you mix your ingredients. Make sure that your indoor plants got enough water after planting them. It is good to use the right amount of water when it comes to watering your indoor plants to avoid drowning. It is good to be slow when watering your indoor plants to avoid destroying your plants. Enjoy the beauty of your home, through planting indoor plants by using the best potting mix.

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